Story of a Die-hard Fan (Part 1)

Image: Credit goes to the person who originally posted this on Twitter!

Hi! I haven’t posted in a while! I hope you guys liked Aiya & Yume’s anime reviews! I’m going to break away from that for just this post and present to you…

A mini story about my life as an Aqours fan! (also wrote this because I waw bitter about not being able to go to AX to see them live at The Novo). I hope some of you can relate haha!

So I was first introduced to Aqours when Bushiroad first introduced the project. μ’s disbanded not long ago (everybody was sad about that), and basically the entire Love Live fandom has huge expectations for the group that will succeed μ’s. My friend, who was a die-hard μ’s fan, was telling me how they disbanded and that Bushiroad is creating a new group that comes from a different city than μ’s. See, I wasn’t as into μ’s as she was because I had just started playing the game and watching the anime. Therefore, I didn’t care much.

About a year later (maybe) Aqours formed and their first singles Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru Kai and AqoursHeroes came out. Holy crap. I was in for a ride. They got added into the Love Live School Idol Festival game, and I fell hard. Like very hard. I watched the first season with high expectations (Love Live Sunshine for those who are curious). Actually, I just thought it was very similar to the first season of Love Live School Idol Project (the μ’s anime). Yikes.

But I mean, all the characters were very nice. The opening (Aozora Jumping Heart) was super catchy. Like how could anyone not like an anime with catchy opening and cute characters? I couldn’t resist. So the further I plunged down into idol hell. And many years later to this day, I’m still pretty much at the deepest level of idol hell. Want to quiz me on who the characters are? No problem, I gotchu, Want to me to name each character symbol and their live color? Easy, hella easy. Yeah, I’m your typical die-hard Aqours fan. I just don’t have money for merch, otherwise, my entire room would be all filled with merch (specifically Kanan merch).

Back to my story though. So Aqours started being popular. They had their first live (Step From Zero to One) then their second live (Happy Party Train). They released the PVs for their singles and held weekly(?) live streams. Their popularity soared with every live, every single, every live stream. But here I am, unable to do anything but to support them silently. (I was actually very close to getting the overseas package for the 5th live, but that’ll be a different story).

Now it’s 2019. AX happened just a while ago. Aqours had their overseas live at The Novo during the second and third day of AX 2019. Although AX decided to give Aqours an extremely small venue (~2000 spaces) the venue was very packed and bustling with Aqours fans. I was actually pretty angry because I was one click away from getting a seat for day 2 of their live. I know it happens a lot. I was so close for the 5th live & AX concert. UGHH.

However, I got to see many highlights of the live through the lens of different cameras that were present during the live. Too bad I couldn’t go. Their setlist was similar to the one they had for the 5th live. Shorter, but that didn’t discourage anyone from not supporting them!

I also heard that there were earthquakes happening during their live. However, those 8 girls (Arisha was sick) kept performing and wasn’t visibly shaken by what was happening, despite the shaking lights and trembling balcony. We stan strong girls.

I’m very proud of my Aqours girls! I’m also very happy for those who got to go see them! I feel slight regret that I didn’t get to go see Aqours live this time, but my day will come soon! Aqours 6th live, let’s get it!

Girl with ponytail is my best girl. That’s Matsuura Kanan ❤

I hope you guys enjoyed that mini story. Thanks for supporting Anime Tokoyo! If you guys have any questions or comments, please let me (or Aiya & Yume) know below!

Thanks again!

Neruuu out! ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ”

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