Joshikousei no Mudazukai (Wasteful Days of High School Girls) Ep 1 Review *Spoiler*

Do you know the anime Asobi Asobase? If you don’t go watch it! And if you don’t laugh…you must be a robot >.>’
This anime is very similar to Asobi Aosbase, and if these 3 MCs meet the 3 MCs in Asobi Asobase they would be great friends.

This shows seems to follow these three girls who are childhood friends: Tanaka Nozomu, Kikuchi Akane, and Saginomiya Shiori. Out of all three of them I think Tanaka is probably the “least brightest in IQ”. This is a comedy slice of life anime so the first episode we focus on Tanaka’s first day of high school. Tanaka starts off telling us how she picked the wrong school because she didn’t know it was a all girl school. What she wanted or was looking for was a high school love story. She was disappointed since is a all girl school it means no boys around for her to fall in love. Thinking her life is ruined, her friends told her maybe someone in class can introduce her to some guy friends. So she went and ask around for people to introduce her to some guy friends…basically she just went around asking can anyone introduce her to a boyfriend.

Afterward she started giving everyone in her class a nickname and tried to come up with one for herself. She and her friends came up with the weirdest nicknames for her such as Protein Junkie, Air Pollution, etc.

Later on, her Sensei gave her the idea of old classmates that may have had a crush on her and she goes of in her fantasy. She later talked about five to six different “fateful encounter” love story scenarios to her two best friends. Thinking what if this happens to me…She basically named all classic Shoujo love scenes and that’s how the episode ended.

Overall, it starts out quite amusing. Is definitely hard to make something that makes you laugh throughout all the episodes like Asobi Asobase, but we will see how this one goes. Their homeroom teacher is definitely a great add on to the show to make us laugh. I would love to see a episode all about him.

Looking forward to next episode!

Thank you for reading ^-^

Images from: Joshikousei No Mudazukai. Dir. Hijiri Sanpei. Passione, 2019.

4 thoughts on “Joshikousei no Mudazukai (Wasteful Days of High School Girls) Ep 1 Review *Spoiler*

  1. “Alright give me a guy friend”, I really liked her way of asking every girl to give him any guy they have and that homeroom teacher’s introduction was great…
    “I only like grown-up women”


    1. Well at least she tried xD When the homeroom teacher came in and introduce himself…I was questioning is he really only into “college women”, he better for his own sake. Though a episode about him going after a girl would be hilarious to watch.

      Liked by 1 person

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