Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Ep 1 Review *Spoiler*

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 

I was quite hype for this anime base of the synopsis and trailer, but the anime wasn’t as organized as I had hoped for.


“Hajime Nagumo and his high school class are suddenly summoned
to a fantastical land as heroes. But while most of his classmates have powerful stats and abilities, Hajime does not. Underappreciated and unprepared, he tumbles into the depths of a monster-infested dungeon where voracity and sacrifice are his only options. To thrive in this savage world, he’ll have no choice but to welcome the abyss.”


The show started out with our protagonist, Hajime Nagumo, falling down the labyrinth and waking up to a bunch of monsters/creatures that started attacking him. While running for his life he lost his arm to one of the monsters. He used his magic to create a hole in the wall for himself to hide in and luckily the place he was hiding in contained holy water that can heal all injuries. As he was stuck there, we had flashbacks giving us some idea of who he was and how he fell down into the labyrinth. He realized he was betrayed and was willing to do anything to get back home. To survive he needed to eat so he killed other monsters and ate their flesh. Something happened to his body when he ate the monster’s meat that cause his hair to turn white. Without knowing, whatever monster he ate, he absorbed their abilities and strength. This leveled all his stats and made him stronger.

I really like where the story is heading and how “badass” the MC is. I was worried we will go through the first few episodes of him being traumatized and depressed, but he got over it very quickly. However, this episode was so compact that we didn’t get much explanation. We got a short explanation that he was teleported/summoned to this world along with his classmate, but it didn’t explain to us why and what kind of training he was going through with his classmates. Also, there seemed to be this girl he likes, but beside her name and that she is a healer, we don’t know much about her.

This show definitely reminded me of The Rising of the Shield Hero where the MC got slapped in the face by reality that he got betrayed by his teammates, no one will probably help him, and is no time to be a coward. I do hope he get revenge on the guy that knocked him down the labyrinth. I am crossing my finger that we get more explanation in episode 2 and that the show will be more organized. No more flashback every 3 minutes of the show and better explanation of what’s happening.

P.S. The Opening song sounds so good: “FLARE ” by Void_Chords feat. LIO

Images from: Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou. Dir. Kinji Yoshimoto. White Fox and Asread, 2019.

You can check out….

The anime is on Funimation: Arifureta Episode 1
The manga and a light novel from Seven Seas Entertainment (which I heard explain the troy much better than the anime)

Arifureta Manga
Arifureta Light Novel

One thought on “Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Ep 1 Review *Spoiler*

  1. Yeah… the first episode was rushed but let’s hope that they won’t do the same to other episodes as this anime has a great story (read the manga) and it has a great potential in it…
    But still, it is all up to the creators and investors …


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