Anime Expo AX 2019 Thoughts

Hey guys! I just returned from the Anime Expo Ax and I had lots of fun. This was me and Yume’s first expo and it was exciting ^~^ We would like to share some of our thoughts on the events there!


Giveaway at the Human Lost Screening

There was certainly lots of panels and choosing which one to attend was a hard decision >< (not to mention line cap on most of the panels) We attended the Human Lost Premiere screening presented by Funimation! It was a great movie and I was so happy to see Mamoru Miyano there! (≧∀≦) However, our seats were quite far away to see their faces clearly. Reading the subtitles was hard because the screen was kind of small, but it been announced to release in North America first! (It’s cool since most Anime movies never release at America first, so be sure to check it out!) We are definitely going to rewatch it when it comes out to theater.

Next panel I really enjoyed was the Good Smile Company. To keep the audiences engaged, they had a Quiz Game Show for us to play and win some cool nendoroids. Attendants would line up and guess the answer like what nendroid number this was, which character does this nendoroid body part belong to, and is this character released as a nendoroid or figma.( Me and Yume tried it… and we got the question on the character we didn’t know TvT so bad luck) In addition to the game show, they announced some upcoming releases such as Tomura Shigaraki nendoroid, Persona 5 figma, Akechi Goro figma, and Lio Fotia figma.

Prototypes of the upcoming release

Another mention was the One Piece 20th Anniversary panel! There were special guests that worked with one piece production that spoke to us about their feelings towards this anniversary. The English Dub voice actor of Franky also came and talked about his thoughts on One Piece. We also got the see some clips and preview of One Piece games. ( 20 years… some of us are feeling old ;-;)


One reason many of us came to the expo was for the exhibit. I love shopping through all the booths, and especially those mystery bags. ( My wallet hurts afterwards) I also liked all the wonderful cosplays I saw, many were cosplaying as Rimuru from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Dororo, and Shield Hero. I especially liked the Overlord cosplay xD it was huge ( I also like all the Pikachu cosplays, they were so cute o(>ω<)o )!

Entertainment Hall

Another highlight of the Expo was the Entertainment hall! They have a area where they set up different sceneries for everyone to take pictures at like a anime classroom setting or a anime bedroom setting. Then, there were booths to play games like Pubg or pc games. ( Great place to pass time at)


I am already excited for AX2020 and I hope it’s just as great! (Time to buff back up that wallet!) What were your favorite parts at the Expo, and would you be attending again next year? Leave it in the comment section below 🙂

5 thoughts on “Anime Expo AX 2019 Thoughts

  1. I can only get jealous by seeing that you all are able to visit the anime expo and other places but One day I will also visit anime expo and comikon…


    1. Don’t worry! Like you, I was also unable to go (I experienced Anime Expo through Aiya’s camera lens though). But our day will come soon!

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  2. You had so much fun, I’m so jealous!
    P.S. I can’t contact Aiya directly so I’ll leave this here: thank you for liking the stuff I wrote too, it means a lot to me!


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