Dr. Stone ep 1- Summary and Impression ( Spoiler)

One of the newest anime you may have heard of is Dr. Stone. I have recently given it a try and would like to share my thoughts on it.

The story was very interesting and new. It was not one of those shows where the main character was weak and work towards the top nor a daily slice of life show. This show was about survival and finding ways to revive humanity.

Dr. Stone Ep 1

It starts off with Taiju Oki, one of our main leads, preparing to confess to his crush, Yuzuriha. Right when he was about to confess, a green flash of light covered the world in darkness, and turned everyone to stone. Centuries gone by and human civilization was destroyed.

But it has not ended yet! After 3,700 years, Taiju finally broke out. Guess what kept him alive or the will to live? The answer was… love! Yes, he loved Yuzuriha for centuries and the fact he never was able to confess kept him alive. ( Wow… I feel kind of bad for the character. The moment you are about to confess and it is the end of the world) When he broke free, the first thing he did was look for Yuzuriha. (I hope she hears his confession even though she is stoned) He found a message left by Senku Ishigami left near Yuzuriha on his whereabouts. It turns out, Senku broke out about 6 month before Taiju and had prepared ways to survive! Now Taiju joins him on his adventure or experiments to save the world!

I found this part funny where Senku says reviving humanity was priority because, ” What future does humanity have with us two dudes trudging on”. So they experimented on stoned bird and discovered ways to get Nital etch to speed up the corrosion of the stone.

After many tries! They finally got it. That’s the magic of science there 😉 Success after many fails. I enjoyed this show overall and it was a different kind of show for me. I recommend this show to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet, and you can watch it on Crunchyroll. Let me know in the comments what you think about the show as well. Thanks for reading (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images.

Images from: Dr Stone. Dir. I Shinya. TMS Entertainment. 2019.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Stone ep 1- Summary and Impression ( Spoiler)

    1. Same! I think the story has a pretty good plot, so looking forward to next episode ( ◞・౪・)


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